A four-part HBO original documentary series from award-winning investigative filmmakers Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, Allen v. Farrow goes behind the years of sensational headlines to reveal the private story of one of Hollywood’s most notorious and public scandals: the accusation of sexual abuse against Woody Allen involving Dylan, his then 7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow.

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About the Series

Allen v. Farrow is a four-part investigative documentary series,  that re-examines the accusations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen by Dylan, his then seven-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. Through meticulous research and corroborating documentation, the series pieces together the events that transpired, presenting an exposé that thoroughly upends storylines long held to be true in the public eye, and revealing the ramifications these public misconceptions have had in our culture and courtrooms.

The series, in exploring one family’s harrowing journey through allegations of abuse, paints an in-depth and up close examination of incest, grooming, emotional abuse, the privilege conferred on celebrity, the institutional complicity that supports and abets abuse, and family court biases that result in unjust outcomes for children.

Allen v. Farrow is a harrowing and indispensable look at ourselves and our culture—engaging and enlightening—changing hearts and minds with each viewing.

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Allen v. Farrow can be utilized as an educational tool to inspire discussion, catalyze real change, and galvanize audiences to want to make a difference for survivors of abuse. Relevant to professional sectors as well as academic departments such as psychology, legal studies, film + media studies, journalism, pediatrics, social work, sociology, and more—awareness and education are at the forefront of our campaign.

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"Powerful... convincing for those who still need convincing."

– IndieWire

“Incredibly absorbing… damning evidence expertly laid out."

– San Francisco Chronicle

Thorough and damning… completely unforgettable.”

– Collider

"Comprehensive, convincing"

– Los Angeles Times

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Kirby Dick

Co-Creator / Director

Two Time Academy Award-Nominated & Emmy Winning Filmmaker of The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground & On The Record

Amy Ziering

Co-Creator / Director

Academy Award-Nominated & Emmy Winning Filmmaker of The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground & On The Record

Amy Herdy

Co-Creator / Producer

Emmy & DuPont Award Winning Producer of The Hunting Ground, The Bleeding Edge & On The Record

Micheal Abels


Emmy Nominated Composer of Us & Get Out - Allen v. Farrow Soundtrack Available Here!


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